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关于 The Rink

Concept Highlight

'The Rink will offer skaters an experience like none other in Hong Kong. We are the first ice skating rink to integrate the 'pay as you skate' concept using the automated Octopus system.

Our 'Open Rink' design concept removes the need for ticket booth therefore eliminating lineups and congestion. Utilizing this system, skaters enter the ice surface using their Octopus Card and pay by the minute. 'The Rink' does not operate on fixed time sessions, apart from the short resurface duration, this ensures that skaters have the most flexible access anytime during the day.

Parents accompanying junior skaters can enter the back of house area freely to watch or assist their children.

Glass wall in front of the ice rink providing 180 degree view of Victory Harbour.

Environmental Friendliness Concept

Conventional ice-skating rinks require a considerable amount of energy to operate. 'The Rink' is a 20 * 46 meter rink that employs the latest absorber technology from Europe; this allows our rink to operate with significantly lower energy consumption. The energy saved is achieved through the use of AST's absorber system, Austria's leading ice rink specialists. Their system uses a rubber carpet emerged with 6mm diameter rubber pipes which lay over the whole ice rink area which increases the energy transfer efficiency by 70% along with an intelligent temperature monitoring control system that allows the chillers to operate when needed.

A traditional rink is built on a network of steel pipes encased in huge amount of concrete that turns itself into a waste disposal issue at the end of its life. The Rink at Elements is designed to rest on a carpet of mobile rubber pipes which, with its flexibility, can be rolled back for multiple relocation and re-installation.

The heat energy generated by the chillers under the AST system is fully recycled and reused for melting ice collected by the ice resurfacing machine at the snow pit. Energy for extra boiler to heat up water is significantly saved.

While the standard LPG, gasoline or diesel-powered resurfacers employed by traditional ice-skating rinks discharge high levels of emissions creating a dangerous levels of microns within an enclosed ice rink environment, "The Rink" makes use of an Italian ice resurfacer called ENGO, an electric, battery-powered ice-resurfacer that creates no exhaust fumes and heat, and zero emissions.